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Thursday, July 28, 2016

(FREE Audiobook) The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler

There are four more free downloadin' days to get your ears on this gem. As I was away on holiday, I neglected to check the freebee bin and so I was delighted this week to find this here for free and share it with you.

About the author: Matt Chandler serves as the Lead Pastor of the Village Church in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas. He helped organize and cast vision for a replanting effort of the church with the result that it has grown from about 140 to over 10,000 members currently. He is a young pastor with a prophetic voice but unlike some younger, charismatic pastors who've flamed out over the past decade, Matt has been softened and humbled by significant adversity that God has brought his way. When people, especially my American friends, ask me about the flavor of our fellowship, the Village Church is the fellowship that I most often mention as a model and ethos to which we aspire. 

About the book: God's design for love and intimacy in the Song of Solomon, featuring attraction, courtship, commitment and conflict. If you are familiar at all with Tommy Nelson's materials on DVD, this is very similar with a more modern feel and a broader handling of the issues for those not-yet-married. In fact, I have a single friend who is currently reading it and he has been immensely blessed. One of the more appreciated aspects of the book is the way Chandler addresses the issue of finding "the One."

"I just see no reason to agree with the worldly romantic notion that every person has just one 'soul mate' out there waiting for him or her. In fact, I find that idea to be anticovenantal, contrary to grace... It turns the search for a godly spouse into an audition to be the one who 'completes' you... No spouse can complete you. Don't look for a spouse to do what only Jesus can." (pg 106-107)

Such good counsel drawn from God's Word abounds. Happy listening!

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